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Artist Statement

I enjoy enclosing myself in small spaces        desiring to touch,  to touch everything.  Entrenched in obsession     to document my life and interactions with others, translating visually.  Untucking tucked,          .  Informing identity, identity informing.

I write poetry with intentional disruptions similarly to my compositions that provide only glimpses of my constructed environment presented in the book form and two dimensionally. I invite the viewer into my intimate space while maintaining control over how much of my surroundings, relationships and myself that is shared through selection of text and imagery depicted.  The work is simultaneously a representation of myself, and an interaction for the viewers to understand themselves.  I create a mediated experience for the viewers guiding them through interaction with the space in which the books and curated objects inhabit.  The fragmentation of the imagery and text is as much for me to create a barrier as it is for the viewers to insert themselves into the work.  The works I create are documentations, my attempt to grasp at a memory or experience and translate it into a form that is eternal. 

Growth is a theme I explore in my work in relation to individuals and the transient quality of people in ones life.  I explore the complication that growth poses with respect to relationships and having a home or dwelling.  Individuals can be a home, a place where one can dwell.  It is in my nature to hold onto people and objects, developing intimate relationships with objects similar to my relationships with others.  I explore the fluctuation, degradation and growth of relationships, using my work as a means to preserve what cannot be persevered.  I use imagery of transitional objects or objects that are constantly in flux to speak about loss due to growth and absent love.




2016            Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Printmaking, OCAD University, Toronto, ON – Medal Winner

2014            University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Mobility Student, studied Printmaking, Book Arts and Papermaking

Two Person Exhibitions

2015             Obsession, Project: Spaces, Toronto, ON

                     Galleria814, Toronto, ON

2014             Command Print, Gallery 633, Philadelphia, PA

Group Exhibitions

2016           Queen West Art Crawl, Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto, ON

                   GradEx 101, OCAD U, Toronto, ON

                   Post - Print, Beaver Hall,Toronto, ON

                   Home*, BAND Gallery, Toronto, ON - Juried

2015          Delta: The Difference, Project Gallery,Toronto, ON - Juried

2014           Ice Breakers, Gallery 633, Philadelphia,PA

                   2014 Retrospective Show, The Great Hall at OCAD U, Toronto, ON - Juried

                   The Salon Show, Project Gallery,Toronto, ON - Juried

2013           Print Show, John M. Parrot Gallery, Belleville, ON 

                    Brazen: Sexual Stigma Overcome, Project Gallery, Toronto, ON - Juried

                    Faith Sector, UofT Koffler House, Toronto, ON

                   Target Practice, OCAD U Transit Space, Toronto, ON

2011            OCAD U Emerging Artist Student Showcase, Great Hall, Toronto, ON – Juried


2017             Gallery A/ Art Lab, Studio Residency, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, ON


2016            'Migration', Acta Victoriana, April 20, 2016, 140:2

2014            This Much, co-editors Joanna Yetter and Nyssa Komorowski, Toronto, OCAD U Publications. Edition 150

Awards/ Grants

2016                        Nora E Vaughan Award – OCAD University

2016                        BMO1st Art! Competition Nominee

2016                        Sharon Merkur Memorial Award – OCAD University

2016                        OCAD U Printmaking Medal Winner 2015-16

2014                         OCAD University’s Emerging Artists and Designers Award

2011                         Earla Alexander Scholarship – OCAD University

Lectures/ Presentations/ Workshops

2015            Facilitated relief printmaking workshops, Toronto District School Board

2014            Organizer and creator, This Much Professional: Art and Publications Conference, OCAD University, Toronto, ON


2012            All Night Convenience, Rhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky, Nuit Blanche, (installation and production)                                                           

2011             Flightpath Toronto, Usman Haque and Natalie Jeremijenko, Nuit Blanche, (facilitation of work)                                               


OCAD U Archive, Toronto,ON

University of the Arts Archive, Philadelphia, PA

Private Collections in Canada and USA

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